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Virtual High Performance Computing Environment


  • Map a phyical cluster into numerous virtual clusters.
  • Customizing virtual cluster and virtual machine.
  • Template-based virtual cluster construction and management.
  • Control and manage virtual clusteres and virtual machines.
  • Nimble stroage for virtual cluster.
  • Monitor virtual machines and VMMs

The VHPCE Architecture

Traditional cluster management technology uses the widely available operating system together with specially designed resource management software. The management mechanism is based on the batch scheduling method. Commonly, the cluster environments are often homogeneous i.e. the operating systems installed in the nodes are the same. Thus the applications running on top of the cluster are often platform dependent. Ití»s very difficult to run the applications designed for other platform. This is not flexible and limits the usage of the cluster. On the other hand, system virtualization software can virtualize the physical platform into multiple virtual ones. Such method departs the up layer software from the physical platform completely that bring the flexibility to the running systems.

This project focuses on the method of applying the virtualization technology for the cluster resources management. The management unit is virtual cluster or virtual node instead of physical node. Multiple virtual nodes compose a virtual cluster. As the virtual machines are independent of hardware devices, the virtual cluster can be easily created and deployed. This can bring great flexibility on the using of cluster resources. The system VHPCE can bring the customized environment for cluster applications and users.


The VHPCE include three type nodes:

  • The control node, including the control subsystem and a GUI.
  • The Computing nodes, all virtual machines on it.
  • The storage nodes, storage metadata and block-based virtall machine.
  • vcluster management

    VHPCE Controller Screen shots

    Manage Xen(Virtual Machine Monitors).

    vmm management

    Customizing A Virtual Machine.

    edit disk

    Start A Virtual Machine.

    start vm

    Remote Login to a Virtual Machine.

    remote control vm

    Monitor a Virtual Machine

    remote control vm

    remote control vm

    Some Internal

    Control System Architecture

    Coredata2 Design

    Amigo File System (afs) Design


    hg clone

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